Review – Wolf Mated


Wolf Mated


Blood World #1


Tamsin Baker


Reverse Harem


Lawyer by day, knife throwing badass by night, Sadie can look after herself better than most. But now it includes looking after her father’s business – a workshop for bounty hunters. With a little bit of revenge on the side. If the assassin thinks he’s gotten away with killing her father, he’s dead wrong.
When a protective wolf shifter and a possessive dragon shifter turn up on her door, things get a little complicated. They’re Sadie’s Fated Mates, but she must resist the pull, to find her father’s killer. There can be no distractions. Not even two arrogant, sexy, smoking hot shifters.
But there’s something a lot more sinister going on in the city than her father’s death. The Vampires are hunting for something, and Sadie is determined to find out what it is. The only problem is – Sadie is no longer the hunter.


2stars rating

I’m not sure what I read just now.
I needed a book with a green cover for a challenge. I read the sample chapter for this one, and it seemed interesting.
It’s a shame that everything after that just went downhill. There was absolutely minimal worldbuilding, no character development whatsoever, and a nonexistent plot.
I mean, her father was murdered, she has access to the best bounty hunters… and does nothing? It took her two days to call the lawyer, never mind even thinking about the funeral, etc. He was her best friend, the person who taught her how to defend and fight.. and she moved on like it was nothing.
Nope. The only things on the pages (well, apart from the occasional breakdown) were her two mates, her insta-lust/insta ‘I want to get mated’, and her feeling rejected when one of the guys doesn’t want to move so quickly. Yeah, just no.