Review – Wingless Crow


Wingless Crow


Wingless Crow #1


Marina Simcoe


Paranormal Romance


He saw me first. But I’m not meant for him.
Stolen from the human world, I’m brought to the kingdom of sky fae to entertain the king. With my memories taken, I no longer remember my past, but my future depends on gaining King Tiane’s favor and affection. Against my better judgment, however, it’s the attention of the morose and sarcastic High General Voron that I crave.
As I try to fit in the glamorous yet dangerous court life, Voron is always there, lurking in the shadows. I believe he’s watching me as part of his duties. Then I realize he is watching over me. But even the mighty High General can’t protect me from what the king has planned.
Voron is the only highborn without wings. I’m the only human in Sky Kingdom. We agree to hate each other, but when my life is at stake and I have no one else to turn to, can I take the risk of trusting him?


4stars rating

Yay, we’re returning to the River of Mists world! After reading almost all the books in this world, I’m so excited to be reading about Voron, whom we met in the Fire in Stone duet.
So this time, we’re going to the Sky Kingdom, where Fae have wings… well, except for one (we read about at least).
As with all the other books, the scenes and settings were very well written, with clear details and enough information to immerse yourself in the story fully. As Sparrow is new to the Sky Kingdom, we learn about everything alongside her, so we’re getting all the information gradually and not all at once.

Character development:

Sparrow was out with a friend/coworker when she got taken by a brack through the River of Mist. It seemed Madame Tan made a deal with the Sky King, and she is the payment. I won’t go into detail about what unfolds after, as that would be spoiling, and well… I hate that 😀 Just know that poor human Sparrow is now left in a kingdom all by her lonesome to be presented to the king… Oh dear…
I like Sparrow; even though she’s been uprooted from her life, she shows her unique character. She has a backbone and a good head on her shoulders.
Voron, our wingless Fae, the High General, is a pretty mysterious character, and only towards the end do we get a good feel for what he’s been going through (and get some indication explaining his reasoning for doing what he does).
Throughout even this first installment, you can see how the characters evolve. And not just towards the other. I look forward to seeing them grow and become their true selves in the second installment.
All characters throughout the book are well-written, to be honest. They feel real and believable, and it’s not hard to picture them all in a room together (though what chaos that would be).

Pacing & Flow:

It starts pretty slowly, giving readers time to get to know the Sky Kingdom and the characters. But once things start happening, you’ll find yourself drawn into the story completely and leaving until you know what happens… well… good luck with that 😉

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There are a few steamy scenes, but no sex is described (if that is important to you).
The book has 300 pages, spread over 32 chapters, and while it’s mainly told from Sparrow’s point of view, there are some smaller chapters from Voron’s point of view, which is nice.

Final Thoughts:

I have read an advance copy of the book and love the River of Mists series; this book was no exception. The way that the characters are portrayed and the struggles they’re going through It’s really well written. I can’t wait for the second installment to come out!