Review – Wicked Awakening


Wicked Awakening


Claimed by Gargoyles #2


Sarah Piper


Reverse Harem


A witch with no power captured by four vicious, possessive, sinfully hot gargoyles…
Not exactly the makings of a happy ending.
Yet here in the arms of New York’s most brutal monsters, I’ve never felt so safe. So cherished.
As we work to obliterate our enemies and solve the mysteries of my past—a past that very well holds the key to unlocking my lost magic and breaking their curse—my gargoyles and I have grown impossibly close.
But with every enemy destroyed and clue uncovered, through every searing kiss and filthy, forbidden touch, something dark is awakening inside me.
Something… hungry.
The gargoyles told me that committing violence takes something from you—and they would know.
But for me? I’m pretty sure it’s giving something back. Something I’ve been missing for far too long.
And now that I’ve gotten a taste, I’m afraid my nights of blood and vengeance are just beginning…


3.5stars rating

This sequel wasn’t quite as action-packed as the first book, but it definitely had its moments! 3.5*

We did get a big reveal about West’s past, which was disturbing, but it kind of overshadowed the rest of the story in this installment. Seeing her get some of her due revenge (no spoilers!) was satisfying, though, but overall, there wasn’t as much plot development as I’d hoped.

The good news? The relationships are still fantastic! West’s connections with Jude, Augustine, Rook, and even Draegan (who’s, as always, giving off strong “protective dad” vibes) continue to grow. I can already sense a lot more bickering with Draegan in the future books, haha!

While I was left wanting a bit more action, I’m still happy I finished the book. The series isn’t at the top of my TBR pile anymore, but I’ll definitely continue!

So, if you’re looking for a gargoyle romance with a slow story but a lot of spice, this series is a good pick!