Review – Vampire’s Nest


Vampire’s Nest


Blood Vow University #1


Helen Scott


Paranormal Romance


She’s desperate for a new life, but is she willing to be a blood slave to a vampire to get there?
Life seems to be playing a cruel joke on Cordelia when she receives an acceptance letter to the college of her dreams…but not the scholarship she needs to go with it. Now there’s only one thing she can do that will get her enough money to go and still be able to care for her grandmother: become a feeder at The Nest.
But when she’s chosen by one of The Nest’s elite vampire clientele, all of her problems aren’t as solved as she thought they would be. In fact, things are about to get worse. Because this client is insisting her blood exclusively feeds him, and the rest of the Nest isn’t too happy about that arrangement.
Rook hates the idea of feeding from strangers like some kind of animal, but since he has to keep his identity a secret, he doesn’t have much choice. At least at The Nest, he knows they are willing employees who have been screened.
Get his feedings and go. Quickly. That’s the goal. Until he tastes her sample. He definitely never expected to want to know more about a human. Now the draw he feels to her is unlike any other, but with his secret looming over him, he can’t give in. Not if he wants her to survive…


3.5stars rating

I liked the book, the author has a great talent for creating interesting characters and settings, but there are two things that bother me (well, more like, annoy/bug me?) The first is that the book felt more like a prequel to the actual story (we, of course, don’t know what will happen in the next book), but it felt a tad too slow, and nothing really happened until the end.
The second is that the series is called Blood Vow University, but why is still a mystery.

Final Thoughts:

Will I read the second book? Of course I will 😀 I absolutely love vampires, and I want to know more about Rook and see where the story goes. But at the moment, it won’t be very high on my tbr list.