Review – The Wolf’s Witch


The Wolf’s Witch


The Witch’s Pack #1


Rachel Medhurst


Paranormal Romance


It’s just a scratch – a scratch that transforms the witch forever.
Already a witch at breaking point, I really can’t be dealing with the latest scandal affecting my life. I’m busy selling spells from my shop when my brother accidently almost kills a werewolf, attracting the wrath of my enemy, the Brighton Pack alpha, Malone. His attack leaves me with a scratch that turns me into the first ever hybrid-witch and solidifies my expulsion from the coven, leaving me all alone. I’m not sure how much more I can take.
When Malone smells his toxins in me, he vows to help me through the first shift. As alpha, his responsibility is to his pack and turning a witch is against sacred wolf laws. His pack will disown him if he doesn’t get rid of me. He’s ready to rectify his wrong, threatening to end my life, until I shift and the mating bond is evoked.
Can Malone reject the forbidden pull towards me in order to keep his pack? Or will I be able to escape before he claims me and jeopardises his position as alpha?


3.5stars rating

A(n) (urban) paranormal romance set in present-day Brighton, England, only with… you know… witches and werewolves 😀 (my kind of world!). The setting of the stage was pretty smooth, we got a clear view of who the players were and what the power structure was early on in the book. That said, there never was an overload of information, it just came as it was needed for the story to unfold.
Scenes and environments were clear and well detailed.

Character development:

Della’s whole world revolved around caring for her brother Drake, who suffered from a mental disability, making him paranoid. When a situation got out of hand, and he nearly killed one of the wolves, they had to get out of Brighton asap to stay ahead of the wolves. This fails spectacularly btw and she ends up being stuck between the two factions, lost and unsure whom she can trust.
For some reason, just I couldn’t connect to Della 🙁 It just felt like something was missing.
Malone, I could understand better as he was torn between the bond and his pack. The way they both handled situations was not great, but they learned and they grew.
The characters (main and side) felt real and believable. I would have loved a bit more backstory, but that might still come in the following book(s).

Pacing & Flow:

From the get-go, I got pulled into the story and I really didn’t want to put it down before I knew how it ended 🙂 There was a good balance between all the action and conversation, which kept the story moving forward, though it never felt rushed.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is sex described (if that is important to you).
The book was 305 pages long, spread over 17 chapters and told from Della’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

It was an enjoyable read, though certain things began to irritate me a bit towards the end (I’m going to throw something if I read ‘my alpha this’ or ‘my alpha that’ one more time) 🙁
With the second book soon coming out, will I continue the rest of the series? At the moment, no.
But who knows I might give it another shot in the future.