Review – The King of Burning Skies

The King of Burning Skies book cover


The King of Burning Skies


The Serpents and Kings Trilogy #2


S. M. Gaither




War is coming to the Sundolian Empire.
Can a forbidden love between a prince and a dragon save it?
Or are they destined to bring it all down in flames?

The kingdoms are shattering.
A tyrant rules from the north.
The Dragon clan, once exiled beyond the edges of the empire, has joined forces with a bloodthirsty, opportunistic king in the south.
And the crown prince of Rooks is running out of options to keep the people and places he loves safe. His best chance to save his world and take the crown from his mad father may lie in the most dangerous of those exiled Dragons—a woman who is just as likely to ruin him as she is to save him.
Alaya is part human, part divine, and fully prepared to use her growing powers to destroy everyone that has hurt and betrayed her. The list of those people is long. Despite her pain, she still intends to find a way to bring peace to her world—but she can’t do it alone.
The high king must fall.
What was broken must be mended.
And somehow, both Dragon and Rook must find a way to protect each other from the dark side of the magic building within and around them…

Or else watch their world burn to ashes.


4stars rating

Woohoo, I finally finished it! 😀
I must admit, it took me way longer than I had thought (and hoped) it would.
Of course, these have been busy weeks, but still, in my honest opinion, the first is still my favourite so far 🙂


Was great, seriously, everything down to the dirt in a river bedding was clear and well written. It made it so easy to imagine yourself walking alongside Emrys or flying on Rue with Alaya! Really well written.

Character development:

Was good with both Alaya and Emrys growing and learning a lot. They conquer their fears only to discover new ones, and while they are very cautious and not fully trusting, you feel them wanting to lay their soul bare for the other. But then there is Sylven, the freaking SNAKE! Well, technically he is Serpent-kind, so it is kinda true… but you know what I mean! I wish I could just… aargghhh!

Ahem, on with the review…

Pacing & Flow:

Were decent and I think this was my main issue. Now as I’ve said, I read this book during some busy weeks (Xmas and New Year), so I might not have been as immersed into the book and story as I’d normally be, but it just felt a tad slow in the middle. I had to man up and work through it. Around 70% all was well again and the pacing was a lot better! Happy me!

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and even though it had a bit of a rough (slow) patch in the middle, it was a very enjoyable read. You will get emotionally attached (if you weren’t already), rooting for both Emrys and Alaya to just trust each other and near throw your book (or Kindle) as you read about the damned Serpent-kind… grrrr… Wish Rue would just eat them and be done with it… Aaaaaaasssssss I was saying, can’t wait for book 3! 😀