Review – The Fallen

The Fallen book cover


The Fallen


Hades Castle Trilogy #1


C. N. Crawford


Paranormal Romance


The angel of death wants me to be his wife.
Most days, I steal from ships to earn a living. Not glamorous, admittedly, but it’s honest work. Okay, fine. It isn’t honest either, but it means I get to eat.
Until one night, a sinfully sexy angel strides into my favorite dance hall and compels me to work for him. It isn’t just work, though. He wants me to be his wife in Castle Hades. Apparently, his prophetic dreams say I’ll help him become king.
Beautiful as he is, he’s also a lethal tyrant. And I could be in danger. Luckily, I know how to fight back, how to weaken an angel: I must seduce him.
Now, this is a battle, and he’s my beautiful enemy. We are fighting with weapons of desire, and we’re both at risk of losing ourselves in this war.


4.5stars rating

A new series *happy dance* and what a thrilling first instalment! 4.5*


Was good. As this is the first of the series, you will, of course, get a lot of info about this new world the author created, though you get it gradually. We stay pretty much in the same locations throughout the book and we slowly learn what’s exactly going on (or do we?). As always, all scenes and environments were detailed enough to be able to let your mind go and lose itself in the story.

Character development:

Was very good. At the start of the book, Lila is a thief and in a bit of a problem. Her mom has some serious debts and the collectors want to, you know, ‘send a message’. Queue a series of decisions that lands her in Hades Castle. She is a fierce woman, certainly no pushover and knows what she wants. Her friends, Zahra and Finn, mean a lot to her and the angels are viewed as the ultimate evil. Count Saklas is the worst of them all and responsible for killing the King and Queen. But oh what a bad boy he is… well, he is actually pretty terrifying to be honest. But you also can’t help but root for him and wonder if he took on more than he bargained for when he took Lila off the streets and into his home.
Both are well fleshed out, with each having their own objectives, fears, hopes, doubts and history (although we don’t know that much yet about our angels in this regard).
And then there is Sourial, now I can’t help myself (nope, didn’t even try) but I really like him. He seems carefree, always in the mood for killing and loyal to his friend. I mean, what’s not to love?? That said, it feels as though he’s hiding a lot of pain and issues underneath his flirting persona.

Pacing & Flow:

Was very good. As we’ve come to expect from the author, the book teases you at the start, and then grips you in its clutches, forcing you to read it in one go (who needs sleep anyway, right?) 😀
Great balance between action and conversation. There is a lot going on, a lot of info and quite a bit of action too actually, but at no point did it feel too much.

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors and yes, there is sex described (if that is important to you).

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I must say, this book is a tad darker (and more mature?) than we’re used to, but I’m all for it! I really enjoyed the book, the characters were great and had good depth to them, we had the necessary twists and turns and I just can’t wait to read more!