Review – The Empire of Empty Wars

The Empire of Empty Wars book cover


The Empire of Empty Wars


The Serpents and Kings Trilogy #3


S. M. Gaither




Death. Betrayal. Destruction.
This was Alaya’s destiny, written in the stars on the night she was born. She should have been killed because of it.
She wasn’t.
The once crown prince of the highest throne in Sundolia is now the high king, and all of his advisors agree on one thing: He should have destroyed that dangerous Dragon woman when he had the chance.
He didn’t.
Now war spreads like a wildfire from the southern kingdom. The empire is burning. The day of prophecy is arriving. Alaya still lives, her power more dangerous and unpredictable than ever.
And the stars, it seems, told no lies.
Or did they?


4stars rating

What a great finish to a thrilling and engaging series!
Now, to write a review without spoiling anything… here goes 😉


Was great, as I’m starting to expect from the author, the environments and scenes were really well written and very clear without going into too many details. Which is nice, since it gives your mind some leeway to imagine things as it wants to.

Character development:

Was good. Emrys and Alaya don’t have it easy, seriously… not only do they seem on opposite sides (or… not?), they still have to face all the lies and mistrust between them, never mind the growing feelings they have towards each other. It felt good to have things come to a conclusion between them, even with all the twists and turns.

Pacing & Flow:

Were really good. The book can be seen as the waves of an unruly ocean: they grab you, pull you under, sometimes let you up for a breath of air before pulling you back deep down. Which, believe you me, is a good thing 😉 Well, okay, maybe not as good for my sleep or the day after *shrugs*

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and all in all I’m really happy how this series turned out! Would surely recommend! And the best part is… this wasn’t the last time we’ve heard about this amazing world, nope, more stories/books are inbound (yay)!