Review – The Dragon’s Wing

The Dragon's Wing book cover


The Dragon’s Wing


Kit Davenport #2


Tate James


Reverse Harem


I should have known my quest for vengeance would eventually be my downfall. I should have been more careful, more paranoid–but I’m glad I wasn’t. Who knew that getting caught for my crimes would lead to so much happiness?
But joy can be fleeting…
It turns out, this battle is only just beginning. With ultimate power on the line, my faceless enemies will stop at nothing to capture me, dead or alive. I need to master my abilities, fast, or this could be the end for someone I care far too deeply about.
I’m Kit Davenport and this is going to be a bumpy flight.


3.5stars rating

1 word and you just know why I had to read this book (well, except for the fact that I liked the first book): dragon 😀 😀 and oh my was it hot!

I started reading this instalment a little less than a year after the first (time flies when you’re reading a lot) but I was totally lost… I read the last chapter of the first book… still lost… sooooo I just reread book 1 entirely before continuing with book 2 and I’m glad I did since I would have missed or forgotten a lot.

Character development:

Okay so, this is why I only gave it 3.5*… It doesn’t matter what upbringing you have, but sleeping with multiple men, who are friends, in the same house, and being okay with that (as I’m sure we all are :D) but then not sleeping with another because ‘what would he think’ was a tad unbelievable 🙁
At this moment I really like the men more than I do Kit (Vali anyone?). It just feels like she can do everything by herself and the men are pretty much only there to bust her ass out when it went wrong. I like when our main character has some proverbial balls, but unless she’s a well-trained assassin, nope…
That said, I’m really starting to like Austin and I can’t help but want to know what the hell Peyton did to him?!

Pacing & Flow:

The pacing and flow were much like the first instalment, well-paced with calm and exciting moments, never too much at once.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is sex described, and a lot of it (if that is important to you), but then, you would have known that from the first instalment 😉 I would rate it 3.5/5 heat level wise.
The book is 290 pages long, spread over 37 chapters and told from multiple points of view (though Kit is always the main one).

Final Thoughts:

Will I continue the series? Probably, if only to get to know Austin’s story, but this book felt “off” to me, so I won’t be picking it up any time soon *sad panda here*