Review – The Dragons’ Bathhouse

The Dragons' Bathhouse book cover


The Dragons’ Bathhouse



Emi Ree


Reverse Harem


Eden shouldn’t have eaten that time-stop cake. No, she shouldn’t have trespassed the upper levels of the bathhouse, shouldn’t have turned the corner to the sight of two devilishly sexy dragon gods doing dirty, dirty things. But she did, and now they’re after her. And there’s absolutely nothing she can do, except seduce them to distract them from their games.
As a low-levelled human staff, Eden knows her place at the bathhouse for the spirits and the deities, Ukiyo. The rules are simple. No looking, speaking or touching customers unless instructed to, and to never ever cross paths with any of the gods. But when twin dragon princes visit the bathhouse for a soulmate match-making event, Eden finds herself at their mercy.
The brothers are wicked and evil, and they love making Eden’s life miserable. She knows that she should treat her two elite customers as kings. But Eden cannot help seducing the gorgeous brothers as payback. Falling in love with them was never part of the plan.
For the twins, Eden’s off-limits, just another toy in their play. But the brothers cannot resist her, and the fire in their souls beg for a taste. Finding out that she’s their soulmate is just greater proof that they are meant to be.


4stars rating

This was the first book I read by the author and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!


Was good. We didn’t really move around much (the whole story pretty much takes place in the bathhouse) but the author did a great job with describing the different locations. Let me tell you that this bathhouse is HUGE!

Character development:

Was good. You can clearly see (well, okay, read) how Eden, Kaizel and Keegan grow and change throughout the book. They all have their fears and dreams and they feel real and believable (please just point me to the nearest bathhouse where I can find my own pair of dragons, thank you).

Pacing & Flow:

Were very good. It kinda pulled me in right from the start and I just had to keep on reading (yes, it was very late when I finished the book lol).

The book itself:

The book itself was well written and there were no (noticeable) errors.
Be aware that this is (very) mature content so there is a lot of sexual interaction going on.
That said, while I would maybe even stamp this as erotica, the scenes were well written and not too over the top if you know what I mean.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I can honestly say, well done! It intrigued me, wasn’t over the top and had characters you just had to root for (after slapping them for their idiocy)!