Review – The Boss Prince


The Boss Prince


It’s Raining Royals #1


Alix Nichols




A country under threat…
Only a handful of French women can save the hidden Alpine principality of Mount Evor.
But the Evorian royals must keep them in the dark at all costs.
The week I got fired, I landed a government job in Paris. Go, Lucie!
The bad news? My boss, Max Delaroche, looks like a remastered Greek god, as dazzling as the alarm in my head.
Whoop, whoop, whoop! Run while you can!
But the man intrigues me.
Wildly charismatic, he has no office savvy. He skips important staff meetings because they bore him to death. He won’t even say where he’s from!
Instead, he keeps staring at me like he’s on a treasure hunt and I have the map.
Who is this guy, and what exactly does he do here?
Could he be an undercover cop investigating government agencies?
Haha. I’m très hilarious.
If a cop can afford bespoke suits, then I’m a princess.
You shall call me Your Royal Highness, Lucie la Magnifique!


4stars rating

Oh, I think this is the first ‘normal’ romance book I have read by the author (I loved the Keepers of Xereill series!!) so when the opportunity came to get my greedy hands on this one I (of course) didn’t think twice! 😀


Well… it’s a made-up country, in the middle of a real country and everyone but the public (and the media) knows about it? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up 🙂
We got all the details pretty early on without it being dumped on us all in one go, which I always appreciate 😀 Scenes and environments were well detailed and clear, even when they got chased was I able to keep up without any problem.

Character development:

I liked Lucie, a lot 😀 She was a no-nonsense kind of woman and knew what she wanted and didn’t want. When she saw the weird job ad, she shrugged it off. When she went to the weirdest job interview ever, she shrugged it off. Why? Because it was a lot of money and she needed it 🙂
But that didn’t mean she didn’t catch on that things are off about the company, or her boss, Max. She had a good head on her shoulders and knew her right from wrong. She knew how to have fun and to be honest, what’s more important than that? 😀
Max was a fun, car-loving prince, posing as Lucie’s boss and I can’t really say anything negative about him. They both got into the weirdest situations, but it was all fun (and hot… definitely hot!).
They felt real and believable and were fleshed out enough and I hope we get to read about them some more in the next instalments!.

Pacing & Flow:

Pacing was very well, given that there was a whole lot of conversation going on, the author managed to keep it moving at a steady pace while still letting the story unfold naturally. Though of course, I have to say that some parts could have been stretched a bit more for the story (and overall feel) but it didn’t feel rushed.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There was sex described (if that is important to you). I would give it a steam level of 2/5.
I kinda have no idea how many pages the book was, but it was spread over 24 chapters with both Lucie’s and Max’s points of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and all in all I thought it was a fun and entertaining read, though many (many) things are to be taken very (very) lightly 😀 It was part of the charm and had me facepalming several times haha.
If you need a relaxing and funny romance story, pick this one up!