Review – The Bone Witch


The Bone Witch


The Osseous Chronicles #1


Ivy Asher


Paranormal Romance


I never thought in a million years that the bones would choose me.
The power, the magic, was supposed to go to someone else in the family. I was counting on it.
But now my Grammy Ruby is gone, and here the bones sit on my kitchen table.
I thought bitter relatives would be my biggest problem. But I’ve barely had time to find a familiar before trouble comes a-knocking. The kind that possesses smoldering green eyes and a smile that can turn any woman dumb.
His name is Rogan Kendrick, and he’s certain that someone is hunting down and taking my kind.
According to him, I’m next.
This is a world that I never wanted to be a part of, but magic gives no fucks and takes no prisoners… At least we have that much in common.
I don’t know what my ancestors were thinking when they chose me, but I’m going to give them a run for their money. My name is Lennox Osseous, but you can call me the Bone Witch.


4stars rating

I’ve only recently come across this author, and I love her books. This book had a pretty calm first chapter before shit hit the fan, lol, and I’m happy to say the pacing was spot on till the cliffhanger (yeah, it’s a fun one).

Lenni and Rogan are both strong-willed characters. Lenni struggles a bit with insecurities about her magic, and Rogan has some secrets that are sure to be a big deal. He might be attractive, but his actions early on were definitely questionable (I see a lot of groveling in his future). Lenni’s inner voice is entertaining, with funny and relatable moments (and me sitting there either laughing or facepalming).

The story itself is interesting. It has some good twists that keep you guessing, and you learn about the world and characters as you go along. There’s no information overload at the start, which is nice.

I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series. It might take me a bit to get to it, but the story is engaging, and I’m curious to see where it goes.