Review – Sweep in Peace


Sweep in Peace


Innkeeper Chronicles #2


Ilona Andrews




Dina DeMille isn’t your typical Bed and Breakfast owner. Her inn defies laws of physics, her dog is secretly a monster, and the only permanent guest of the inn is a former Galactic tyrant with a price on her head. The inn needs guests to thrive and guests have been scarce, so when an Arbitrator shows up at Dina’s door and asks her to host a peace summit between three warring species, she jumps on the chance. Unfortunately, for Dina, bridging the gap between space vampires, the Hope-Crushing Horde, and the merchants of Baha-char is much easier said than done. To make the summit a success, she must find a chef, remodel the inn, keep her guests from murdering each other, and risk everything, even her life, to save the man she might fall in love with. But then it’s all in the day’s work for an Innkeeper.…


4.5stars rating

From the first book straight to the second and again… I couldn’t put it down! Such a great series!


Hosting the peace summit for Nexus, yeah, why not, you might ask? Wellllllll, I’m sure Dina will have something to say about that now 😀 But apart from that, we’ve come to know more about the universe and the major players inside it. We learned more about Gertrude Hunt and her capabilities. As always, the scenes were very well written with enough details to ensure complete immersion.

Character development:

Dina has changed a lot since the start of the series, and we’re only the second book in! What I like about her is that she stays true to herself even when shit hits the fan. The mission in this instalment isn’t easy; keeping the peace during the negotiations seems an impossible task, but luckily, she’s not alone because…. queue Orro (a disgraced chef) who is omg amazing! I laughed, I facepalmed, and I wanted to strangle him, often at the same time. A sign of a great character 😉
Arland appeared as well, as the representative of the Vampires, trying to woo Dina in some sort of way. Unfortunately for us all, and much to Dina’s sorrow, Sean hasn’t returned yet from the favour he owed 🙁
We met several new characters, and I hope we get to see more of them along the way as they left a lasting impression.

Pacing & Flow:

It started with a bang (aka a secret, not even Dina knows), and it just doesn’t stop from there. Outstanding balance between all the action and quite a lot of conversation to keep the story moving forward smoothly. I read this one in one go as well (seriously, I’m not sleeping anymore, it seems lol). I just needed to know how things would end!

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is no sex described (if that is important to you).
It has 237 pages, spread over 17 chapters and is told from Dina’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

A lot happened in this book, all while staying in one location. We met many new characters and learned a lot. I look forward to what the rest of the series will bring!