Review – Sold to the Wolves

Sold to the Wolves book cover


Sold to the Wolves


Enchanted Kingdom Chronicles #1


K.N. Lee


Reverse Harem


Born to serve. Destined to rule.
A curse has left most of the women of the Enchanted Kingdom barren. Those who are still able to have children are either sold to the highest bidder, or stolen by smaller villages to mate with their sons.
Nineteen-year-old, Elle has been shielded from the outside world of shifters and the fae most of her life, but when she discovers she’s been groomed to serve as a mate to the mysterious Davidian Clan brothers, her sheltered life takes a turn for the wild.


2.5stars rating

I’m going for 2.5*
For some reason, I wasn’t aware it was so short, so imagine my surprise when I just getting into the story, it’s getting good and all of a sudden… the end of book one, at 78 pages.
Add to that the unfortunate errors here and there and I’m sorry to say I won’t be continuing this series. The plot is good, the characters have potential, but it feels like some work still needs to be put into the book itself to make it shine.