Review – Sold to the Fae


Sold to the Fae


The Dark Realms #1


Kyra Alessy


Reverse Harem


In a dark realm where magic and deception reign, and mortals are mere commodities, will she become their cherished possession…or the instrument of their ruin?

At fifteen, I was a killer—a weapon forged by a deceiving madman’s twisted desires. A little bird in a gilded cage, my soul destroyed and remade in his image. I wielded a power no mortal creature should ever control, one I vowed never to use again.

Seven years later, I thought I’d escaped that life. I never expected my past to find me, let alone in the form of the three fae warriors who used to invade my every thought. Dane, Grey, and Kallum—oblivious to my true identity these past few years—now see me for what I am.

The Harbinger.
I am a creature of power and darkness, and now I’m their captive.

Their eyes are alight with hatred and a heat I don’t understand; they believe they can control me, punish me for my crimes against them, bend me to their will. But they don’t know what I endured at the hands of their so-called savior, the scars I bear beneath this facade.

Once upon a time, I let myself be a pawn, used in a game I never understood. I learned that my life wasn’t a fairy tale, but it isn’t an ordinary story of predator versus prey either.

They want a taste of the power I can wield?

I’ll give them a feast.
But this time?
I won’t stop until I’m finally free and their precious world burns.


4stars rating

This was my first dip into this author’s world, and let me tell you, it’s DEEP! It is very rich, scary, and dark, all rolled into one. Even though I was new, I didn’t feel lost. The world unfolded naturally as the characters journeyed, no giant info dumps here!

I won’t spoil the plot, but let’s just say Thalia (Lia) is seriously misunderstood. The three guys who took her are absolute jerks who are clueless and not exactly open to changing their minds. I can’t wait to see how that dynamic shifts once they actually understand what Lia’s been through all this time—so much hurt and sadness.

This book sucked me in after the first thirty percent or so – it took me a while to warm up to the characters. Especially Kallum, Dane, and Grey. Bunch of jerks, honestly! And Lia… well, she seemed a bit too passive. But things picked up fast, and the story totally had me hooked.

Heads up: there’s a massive cliffhanger at the end (and one particular guy better get what’s coming to him in the next book!). I nearly threw my Kindle at the wall…
(I didn’t, and my precious remains safe, thanks for your concern 😉 )

I read an advanced reader copy of this book in one sitting, and honestly, I’m bumping the author’s other books right up my TBR list. If you’re into dark reverse harem with some serious jerk-to-lover potential, a seemingly fragile heroine with a hidden badass side, then dive right in!