Review – Shadow Mate


Shadow Mate


Wolf Moon Academy #1


Jen L. Grey


Paranormal Romance


One little party turned my world upside down.

After I challenged the Blood Council’s four shifter heirs at a college party, the last thing I expected was to receive a full scholarship and an admittance letter from the exclusive Wolf Moon Academy.
Despite never desiring to be an alpha, this was an opportunity of a lifetime… or so I thought.
I soon learned that there was more behind my admission to the Academy than my education. I was there to be a lesson to the heirs — in particular, the sexiest and strongest one, Liam Hale.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that he is my true mate. A fact that should be treasured, but he makes it clear that we will never be together.
However, things aren’t always what they seem, and we all have secrets— some bigger than others. When the truth comes out it’ll either set me free or set me up for disaster.


3stars rating

While I’m not sure I’m into bully romance (I’ve read a few, and I’m still on the fence), I read the sample chapter and, having read other books by the author, took the risk.


I liked the world the author created. It read smooth (I read it in one sitting), and there was a very nice balance between all the conversation and the action.

Character development:

The characters were well written, fleshed out enough but still have you want to know them better. (oh, and as a side note, this is NOT a reverse harem).
Mia is a no-nonsense girl, taking the opportunity to go to the Academy with both hands but still realising there are reasons (within reasons) that she has been allowed there. Bree, Tripp and Kia are awesome side characters, Tripp being one of my favourites. They are fun and understanding, and they are there for Mia. They bring a good balance to the heirs, who are… pieces of shit, really.

And that brings us to the part I didn’t like, the heirs. I understand the concept of a bully romance or even an enemies-to-lovers, but this dynamic between Mia and Liam (and the rest of the gang) was not healthy at all. It nearly made me put down the book cause I was that annoyed or appalled. Of course, we don’t know all the information yet, as there are more books in the series, but I think it would have been (very) beneficial to add a bit more info in this instalment so we at least would know why he behaved as he did.

Final Thoughts:

However, I will give the second book a chance as the story is interesting enough to keep my attention even if I don’t like several cast members. Let’s hope book 2 is more to my liking!
Warning: please know that there is some severe bullying in this book, so if this is a trigger for you, please pass on this one.