Review – Sacrifice

Sacrifice book cover




Drakoryan Brides #1


Ava Sinclair


Reverse Harem


Four dragon lords. One virgin sacrifice.
When my village sacrifices me to the dragons, I go willingly to the Altar Rock to die.
But I don’t die.
I wake up in a castle built into a huge mountain. House Fra’Hir is one of many castles in the Drakoryan Empire. It is here I learn the truth — that women like me aren’t taken away to be devoured, but to be mated.
My mates, four sons of a dragon knight slain in the last battle of the ShadowFell, are unique both in personality and carnal abilities. They introduce me to the world of pleasure. In their bed chambers, they prepare me with masterful skill for the final, ultimate bond that will make me truly theirs.
But I am no passive mate, and the secret they keep from me threatens not only our bond, but the role I am prophesied to play in stopping a lurking danger that threatens the Drakoryan and human world alike.


1stars rating

Okay, so I started this book remembering the sample chapters showed promise.
And yeah, the first few chapters were.. and then it went downhill.
Now, the overall plot was good and tbh, it had potential! But what just left me shocked (and not in a good way) were the sex scenes… seriously. For a second I thought I was reading some weird alien sci-fi (and even then I think I’m offending those)… just nope.
Oh and just to be clear… yes I do enjoy reverse harem and enjoy good sex scenes 😉
As this instalment is only 100ish pages, there isn’t much going on: Lyla meets her mates and well… a lot of sex, with a bit of story here and there, mostly towards the end.
And now for the good part of the review: I didn’t find any (noticeable) errors.
It’s such a shame, I mean, it would have been a good book if only the male body part was a: not sentient b: not a vibrator c: not able to reshape or resize d: not be multipronged (I kid you not).