Review – Run Riot


Run Riot


State of Grace #1


Colette Rhodes


Reverse Harem


By the time an agathos woman reaches 25, sheโ€™s supposed to be one thing, and one thing only:


I’m zero for four soul bonds, a disgrace to my family, and the black sheep of my community.

It had me feeling reckless. Impulsive. Daring. In a moment of weakness, I let the darkness lurking inside of me rule, and it changed everything.

I was supposed to embrace the light, but how could I fear the dark, when it brought me Riot?


4stars rating

I actually enjoyed this one pretty much ๐Ÿ˜€
It’s pretty slow-paced but gets better towards the end.
Characters are interesting, from (very) naive Grace to maybe-not-so-bad boy Riot.
While at first, I wasn’t sure I would even finish the book, let alone continue with the series, the story has a way of grabbing you and not letting go. So yep, I’m currently reading book nr 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰
Check out the sample chapter to see if it’s something you like, and you might be surprised as well!