Review – Romance Rules for Werewolves


Romance Rules for Werewolves


Charming Cove #3


Linsey Hall


Paranormal Romance


Autumn is a time of snuggly sweaters, crisp breezes, and…. sexy, broody werewolves?
When I inherit a magical house in the beautiful seaside village of Charming Cove, it’s just what I need to turn my dismal life around. Fresh off a bad breakup and with magic that I’ve ignored for a decade, I’m ready to rekindle my inner witch.
The catch? The house is inhabitable until I renovate it, and the only place to live is with a brooding, rugged boat-builder who definitely doesn’t want me in his space. Though there’s no denying the electric spark between us, neither of us is willing to act on it.
To make things more complicated, I have to renovate the house in thirty days or I’ll lose it. But the house hates anyone who enters it and attacks with loose floorboards and horrific odors. I can’t get a single contractor in Charming Cove to help me out.
That leaves only one option—convince my new roommate to help me until I can untangle the mystery of why my new home is so moody. It’ll mean spending every day with the sexy, infuriating werewolf, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality.


5stars rating

Why did I wait so long to read this installment????

This book was pure fun and wholesomeness from beginning to end! It felt like a warm hug to be back in Charming Cove, catching up with all our favorite characters.
Our new couple, Isobel and Rafe, is fantastic. They are well fleshed out and feel so real like you could bump into them on the street.

There’s no one big baddie this time, but we have a mischievous house with a personality of its own. And I can tell you, it’s not happy!
Both Isobel and Rafe also have their own issues and people from their past they need to deal with, but I would label the house as the ‘main problem child.’

I devoured this book in one sitting. The writing is smooth and engaging, and the whole story just makes you feel good.

Basically, if you’re looking for a feel-good escape with relatable characters, a good amount of romance, and humor, this series is your jam!
It’s perfect for when you have a bad day or when you’re starting a perfectly relaxing weekend.
In other words… Just read this series! 😀