Review – Reject Me


Reject Me


Immortal Vices and Virtues #1


Kel Carpenter & Aurelia Jane


Paranormal Romance


“Markus Del Reyes, I reject you.”
He left me no choice.
I refuse to spend the rest of my life with my childhood bully for a mate. I may be a cursed shifter, incapable of shifting—but I wasn’t desperate.
Not till the Alpha Supreme cast me out of the House of Fire and Fluorite for rejecting his son.
Now I’m packless.
No longer under the protection of my House.
Until the dark vampire king of Blood and Beryl turns his sights on me.
In return for protection from my former House, I have to join his.
But nothing ever comes for free.
He wants something from me, and it’s not my allegiance.
It’s the only way I can survive, but at what cost?
I’ve lost everything for doing what I know is right, but the greatest danger I ever faced was never losing my life … it was opening my cursed heart.


5stars rating

I think this is the best book by these authors that I have read to date!


When several gates appeared on earth, the supernatural got outed, there was war, humans lost, and the world now belongs to the Houses. Very refreshing that a House wasn’t ‘only’ vamps or shifters or withes or whatever, but it could well be a mix of everything. The Houses seem to have an uneasy truce, and as always, things can’t stay that way forever.
This instalment was about House “Fire and Fluorite” and “Blood and Beryl”. While we know a bit about the world, there is still much I am dying to discover in the following books! But for this instalment, we gradually had all the information fed to us, so no information dump at the worst possible time! All scenes and environments were clear and well detailed.

Character development:

Dannika (or Danni to her friends) has not had an easy life. A shifter that cannot shift. Luckily, she has Nova, her wolf that is always by her side (which, in my opinion, is way better!). Unfortunately, this meant that in the predominantly shifter House, she was bullied a lot. So when her fated mate ended up being the Alpha’s son and the worst bully of them all, she rejects him, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand shit hits the fan.
Elias, the King of House Blood and Beryl, a vampire, was at the event when Danni refused her mate. He’s intrigued by her and seems to end up everywhere she does. How strange…
All kidding aside, these two had a lot to overcome, communication issues being one of them, but you couldn’t help but root for them from the get-go! They grew throughout the story, Danni finding herself and her place in the world and Elias finding the one thing he thought he never wanted.

Pacing & Flow:

The authors took their time, lettings the story unfold as it wanted without getting lost in itself. Pacing and flow were excellent; the story grabbed you from the start, and while it did let you breathe once in a while, it didn’t let go till the end. I read it in one sitting, and I regret nothing!! 😀 Great balance between all the action and conversation moving the story forward.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, I really think this is the best book from these authors so far. It had absolutely everything I wanted: humour, drama, romance, sex and yes, even some facepalm moments. I mean, what’s not to love?!
Grab this one. You won’t be disappointed!