Review – Reaper’s Pack


Reaper’s Pack


All the Queen’s Men


Rhea Watson


Reverse Harem


One grim reaper. Three hellhounds who refuse to bow down to her. A monster hunting them in the shadows…

Ten years ago, I was judged worthy of life after death and returned to the mortal realm as a grim reaper. Scythe in hand, I guide souls to deliverance—and it’s time for a promotion.
My new territory is triple the size of any I’ve worked before. High death rates mean one busy reaper, and the only way to keep up is with a pack of hellhounds. Faithful. Strong. Merciless. Hellhound shifters are a reaper’s right hand in the field, shepherding and guarding souls until they can be reaped.
We get our pick of the litter from the best breeders in Hell, but for some reason, I’m drawn to the pack no one wants.
An alpha who refuses to yield.
A beta who doesn’t take me seriously.
A runt who flinches at every command.
I want them—even if they don’t want me.
Because the hunger in their eyes tells a different story. But the fact that they can’t decide whether to love me or hate me, fight me or screw me, is making our situation way too complicated.
Still, I refuse to give up. If this infuriatingly handsome trio can’t be trained, if we don’t pass the trials, they go back to a cage and a cruel demon master.
Yeah. Not happening.
Reapers and hellhounds are natural allies, and the sooner we secure our bond, the better, because as it turns out…
All our lives depend on it.


4.5stars rating

This was the first book I’ve read by the author, and it was actually a pretty pleasant surprise!

Character development:

Hazel has been reaping souls for ten years. With the promotion to a new territory comes the claiming (and training) of her own pack of hellhounds. Said hellhounds, however, are not your standard pack. We have alpha Knox, beta Gunnar and insecure Declan. They have all been abused and hurt by both masters and other hellhounds, and now they want out. Hazel is their ticket to a free life. They just need to get away from her.
I really liked the interaction between Hazel and her hellhounds and between the men themselves.
While the attraction is instant, it’s far from all lovey-dovey, and a lot of work and growth needs to be done before it can all work out.
Characters were well fleshed out and interesting, while I personally would have liked more insights into Hazel’s first ten years of reaping.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is sexual content described (if that is important to you).
It has 432 pages, spread over 34 chapters, and is told from multiple points of view.
It’s a standalone book, so there are no cliffhangers. I read this book in one session, and it kept me well entertained and engaged. Good balance between action and conversations.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book (I did give it 4.5* after all). It was a nice break from other more ‘plot-heavy’ books. Rather sad there won’t be more books with these characters, but I will read the other books in this world.