Review – Raven’s Mark

Raven's Mark book cover


Raven’s Mark


The Raven Queen’s Harem #1


Angel Lawson


Reverse Harem


A little luck is exactly what Morgan needs in her life. When her acceptance letter from NYU arrives she thinks maybe things are about to change.
She just doesn’t realize how much.
It’s quite thrilling enough to discover that her new home is a beautiful mansion. But then she discovers her housemates.
Five wildly attractive young artists.
It’s easy to get swept up in the fairytale of it all, but this house carries with it a secret… and so do the five enticing and charming men.
In time, Morgan learns the six of them must wield this knowledge–together–if they’re going to save the world.


2.5stars rating

Not bad, the only thing I thought was a shame was that she found out so fast about herself and the men 🙁
It has potential, so I read the next part (as they are only a bit over 100 pages per instalment).
Alas, this series is unfortunately not for me. It feels like it’s only lust and less about the story.
It had potential, but I would rather just read a good book instead of getting annoyed 🙁
— Did not finish the series —