Review – Queen Wolf

queen wolf book cover


Queen Wolf


Heartland Forest #1


Alexa B. James & Angelina Avery


Reverse Harem


For two years, I’ve gotten away with murder.
My life took a dark turn when Jacob, the sadistic alpha of the Heartland Forest Pack, forced me to become his sixth wife. Never could I have anticipated how I would lose control of my inner wolf on our wedding night in a fight for survival that would cost my cruel husband his life.
Hiding my crime hasn’t been easy, but I know keeping my grisly secret is the only way to keep my pack safe.
But, nothing stays buried for long in Heartland Forest.
When Jacob’s three alpha brothers ride into town to sniff out the truth, it will take quick wit and every diversion tactic I know to keep them off my scent. I need to stay far away, but the three werewolf brothers have an inexplicable pull on me that might just prove impossible to resist.
Am I ready to take on three alpha werewolves? We’re about to find out.


3.5stars rating

Get ready for 3 hot alpha brothers (oh and let’s not forget the fae prince 😉 )
An entertaining first book of the series! 3.5*


Was decent but I would have liked some more info what was so special about their piece of forest and why (as opposed to other area’s in the forest) they have no issue with the fae. We know what happened to the region but not why. Were the earthquakes a result of something mankind did or was it just earth having a serious (and continuous) hissyfit?

Character development:

Was good. I do so prefer a fated-mates romance to build up and not be jumping each other’s bones as soon as you meet them! We know a fair deal about Scarlet and her family (well, maybe not that much about Zeezee apparently) but not enough about the alpha males barging into her life. Nor that much about Mack, but that might just be because of the ‘Truce’ they called: not sharing info about their shifter- of fae happenings with another. While I liked the characters, I felt they could have been fleshed out more, especially concerning their emotions.

Pacing & Flow:

Were good. It kept me entertained and I read the whole thing in one sitting (yes, I’m very tired atm.. I should really stop reading when I go to bed!). Good balance between conversation and action.

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors and yes, there is sex described (if that is important to you).

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and all in all, I liked it! While it may not have the depth of characters I would have liked to see, it was still a very entertaining book. I hope more info about them (as well as the world they live in) will be revealed in book nr 2.