Review – Queen Me


Queen Me


Immortal Vices and Virtues #2


Amber Lynn Natusch


Paranormal Romance


Being a lowly human in a supernatural world, I should have jumped at the chance to be one of them—to possess the magic necessary to fit in. But when a rogue fae corners me in an alley and tells me I have some crazy power he needs to exact his revenge on the House that betrayed him, I had to seriously question that life goal.
The Moonlight Wraith, sexy and disarming as he is, is also a notorious killer—and this alleged power of mine is all that stands between him and the vengeance he craves.
But how can I give him something I don’t have?
And, worse yet, what will he do when he doesn’t get what he wants?
His plot to regain his throne hinges on the popular belief that he’s already dead, and my knowledge to the contrary is a loose end he can’t afford. But after a botched attempt on my life by unknown forces, I find myself allied with the broody harbinger of death because he might just be the only one who can keep me alive.
Assuming he doesn’t kill me himself.


4stars rating

After an awesome book 1 of the series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one 😀


As the whole series is set in the same world, it feels comfortable, for lack of a better word.
We know the lay of the land, especially since most of this story takes place in good old Fire and Fluorite territory (yep, we’re back!) with the lovely addition of some No Man’s Land and Air and Amethyst.

Character development:

Rowe is a human (or mostly human) stuck in a supernatural world. Her mother died years ago, and her friends Adora and Danni had to leave her behind (check out book 1 if you haven’t already!). So here she is, all alone, either cleaning, waiting tables or getting drunk 😀
That all pretty much changes when the Moonlight Wraith finds her (tiny spoiler, she pukes on his shoes and actually doesn’t kill her… who knew he had it in him 😉 ), and her life turns a bit more precarious. She’s quick on her feet, loyal to a fault and will help you out even when she’s dead on said feet. Just don’t give her any booze, seriously lol.
Volker, the Moonlight Wraith, our former king of Air and Amethyst, had his throne usurped and needs something from Rowe to take it back. He’s mysterious, takes what he wants and kills whoever dares to cross him.
Both of them have hardships to deal with in this book, but slowly, they grow towards each other.

What I really like in this instalment is that it’s not an “insta-love” or such, it takes time, and a lot of issues present themselves before… yeah, nope, sorry, not spoiling 😉 But yeah, having it all take time was refreshing 🙂

We don’t meet that many characters, but I hope we see more of Myra throughout the series (or a spinoff, please!). She was awesome, and I can’t wait to know more about her.

Pacing & Flow:

This book kept me entertained from start to finish. It’s not the fastest book, but the author lets it take its time to get everything up to speed. I do feel that the end could have been drawn out a bit longer, but that’s just me 🙂

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, I enjoyed it! It read super smooth, had a likeable couple, and revenge is so very, very sweet.
As I mentioned before, I absolutely looooove this world the authors have created, and I can’t wait to visit more courts and have old characters do a cameo here and there.