Review – Quasi Redux

Quasi Redux book cover


Quasi Redux


Angelbound Origins #8


Christina Bauer


Paranormal Romance


Myla Lewis has her life back. Wife. Mother. Queen of the Thrax. Great Scala and mega boss of supernatural igni. Yay! Then one day, Myla runs across a strange fountain and her igni screech like crazy. Our heroine speaks the fateful words, “Some days, I wish I weren’t the Great Scala.”
Turns out, a demon-titan named Bedlam lurks behind the fountain… and he grants her wish.
Moments later, Myla returns to her teenage days of Purgatory High. No husband. No child. And zero power over igni. Without Myla around as the Great Scala, all quasis now live under Armageddon’s rule. That sucks. Hard. So Myla sneaks into Antrum in search of her husband, Lincoln. Together, they’ll take down the evil Bedlam and return life to normal, easy peasy. But once Myla arrives, two problems arise.
First, her husband doesn’t know her. At all.
Second, Lincoln is married to someone else.


3stars rating

Oh wow, I can’t believe this is number 8 already!!
But then again, you really can’t get enough of Myla, though I have to say, it took me some time to get into the story and enjoy it.


Was good. We went all over the place, seriously, but all scenes and environments were detailed enough so you knew what was going on and where you were.

Character development:

Was good. After 8 books you kinda think you know who everyone is, well, except for the villain, and that there isn’t that much room for more growth. But then the book addresses some fears and worries Myla has, deep deep down, and figuring out what’s important and what not seems to be the name of the game.

Pacing & Flow:

Was decent. As I’ve said before, it took me a while to get into the book, mostly because it has pretty short chapters that constantly switch POV between Myla and Lincoln, which (especially at the start) kept interrupting the flow of the story 🙁
Good balance between action and conversation, as always.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and while it took me some time, I eventually got into it and enjoyed the rest of the book. Myla is just an awesome, kicking ass character 😀