Review – Protect Me


Protect Me


Immortal Vices and Virtues: Her Monstrous Mates #3


Jessica Wayne & Heather Hildenbrand


Reverse Harem


I ran from my cruel fiancé…and found myself in the arms of three powerful shifters.

When I throw myself at the mercy of the Ringmaster in No Man’s Land, I’m only seeking temporary refuge. A place to hide from the corruption and death that waits for me back home.
Three months. That’s all I have until the protection the circus provides me expires.
My bodyguards? Three shifters who look at me like they want to eat me for dinner.
They want my body.
My heart.
And even as the attraction I feel for them is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt, neither of those are mine to give.
Not anymore.
The past I’m running from still holds me captive. But in the arms of my protectors, I’ve never felt more free.


4stars rating

We’re back in No Man’s Circus and meet up with some familiar people, yay!
It was pretty cool seeing more of D and Liv, amongst others (go read “Slay Me” if you’re unfamiliar with them… you won’t regret it!!).
But yeah, we’re in No Man’s Land, particularly the circus again for this one, and we’re staying for the book’s duration. That doesn’t mean that the scenery gets stale because there is enough going on to keep you on your toes 😀
All scenes and environments are well described and clear, so sit back and enjoy!

Character development:

Sway is running from her fiancé, that is trying to use and manipulate her into hurting others. Finally getting away from him, she runs for the circus. Bloody and on the verge of collapse, she hopes she will be granted asylum there in return for her performances with the silks (omg, I could picture this in my head while reading, I loved it!).
Saying that she has trust issues is an understatement, but something pulls her towards the three lion shifters…
Duncan, Bracken, and Killian are the circus’ security team, we’ve met them before (if I’m correct), but this time, it’s their turn to have a woman getting under their skin. Keeping her safe is fast becoming their top priority.
Will Sway be able to overcome her distrust and fear? Will the lions be able to keep her safe?
We learn a bit about the main characters’ past throughout the book. They are well-written, feel lifelike, and believable. They aren’t perfect, they’re broken, and they’ve done things they’re not proud of in the past, but they’re trying not to let that get in the way of their happiness.
I hope we get more stories from the other performers in the future!

Pacing & Flow:

Yeah, I read this book in one sitting; I was hooked and just wanted to know what happened next 😀 (it’s sneaky like that). Good balance between all the action and the conversations.
The ending felt maybe a bit rushed, with all the build-up towards it, but honestly, it was still very good, and this would be the only thing I can say that might have been improved upon.
The story and the characters were interesting and kept my attention throughout (well, duh, I read it in one go, lol).

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There are spicy scenes described (if that is important to you). I would rate it 4 out of 5.
It has 297 pages, is spread over 30 chapters, and is told from multiple points of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and I really enjoyed this story. It was nice to see familiar faces and know how they’re doing. Sway and her lions were interesting and fun, even when they were fighting their attraction to each other, knowing it was a lost cause 😀 I can’t wait for the next installment; this series is so good!