Review – Of Claws & Chaos


Of Claws & Chaos


Forgotten Kingdoms #8


M. Sinclair


Paranormal Romance


A forsaken wolf princess.
A new king risen to power.
One opportunity to unite their broken lands and love.

Overcome by the exhaustion of her monotonous day-to-day life, all Evera wants is one fun night out. A chance to escape a rigorous work schedule that drains her of all semblance of happiness. When a mysterious portal consumes the air before her and an enigmatic, intense man pulls her through, she wonders if her wish is being granted.
As she’s swept into a foreign, magical land she doesn’t recognize, Evera finds herself separated from the man who pulled her there—a man who not only knew her name, but seemingly everything about her.
Completely alone, Evera treks through a mountainous landscape to reach the Kingdom of Nightfall. With each step, she encounters its foreboding and mysterious qualities, making it clear that she’s not on Earth anymore.
Arriving in Nightfall brings more questions than answers, though, as she discovers that not only does she have royal blood, but there’s a primal magic running through her veins that allows her the ability to shift into a wolf. What startles Evera the most to learn is that she had a life in this world before—with the very man who stole her through the portal: Axel, the King of Nightfall.
Memories begin to resurface, and she quickly recalls that Axel had been the only person she trusted—the only one standing between her and the darkness of her parents’ rule. But has time changed the man who once swore to protect her?
A war is waged between two kingdoms upon news of her return, and Evera is the prize.
A single question wreaks havoc in Evera’s heart: Does she want to belong to anyone at the end of this?


4stars rating

I just finished this final book in the Forgotten Kingdom series, and WOW! Evera and Axel were on fire (seriously, where can I get my own portal to jump through?).
I loved the world-building and the way we learn alongside Evera as she reclaims her memories.
The characters were well fleshed-out, which made the story so engaging. Evera especially – she’s got way more sass this time around, and I loved seeing them both embrace and commit to their second chance. There were definitely challenges along the way, but Evera and Axel knew exactly what they were fighting for – each other!
The pacing was perfect for relaxing after work – a nice and steady flow that kept me hooked.
That epilogue, though?! Seriously, it needs a spin-off for the next generation. Those new characters sound amazing!