Review – Night Scourge

Night Scourge book cover


Night Scourge


Daybreaker #2


Pippa DaCosta


Urban Fantasy


“You were raised among Dark Ones and each one wants a bite of you.”
Adrift in a strange land and with the Night Station weakening, Lynher has never felt more alone.
Guests are leaving. The Station platform is silent. And there’s nobody left to save.
So when a member of the European resistance wanders in off the street, offering a new life outside the Station, Kensey can’t refuse. But Lynher can. The Dark Ones are circling. The Station is vulnerable. Now is not the time to abandon it.
But the Station has secrets. Secrets that test Lynher’s faith in those she loves, secrets about her, about the Night Station, and about the most dangerous vampire of them all:
Lynher cannot leave, but how can she stay when the truth is more terrifying than any monster?
“Guard your soul, dear traveler, for Night is long and the dark hungry. “


4stars rating

After all the explosive happenings at the end of the first book, we arrive in a new setting, though things are not as they seem and the Night Station is behaving in a weird and unusual way. When a human just walks in from the street… the hell is going on?


Was what we have come to expect from the author by now: a lot of descriptions (but not too much), very detailed scenes and environments (but again, not too much), a great balance between giving you all the info and letting your mind fill in some of the blanks.

Character development:

Was good. There is a depth to all the characters and unexpected revelations upon unexpected revelations which keeps you interested and on your toes.
I think the part that threw me off the most was the whole ‘I trust you / I don’t trust you and switching stances in a blink of an eye’ thing Lynher had going on. I mean I know she has been through a lot in the previous book, and I mean A LOT. So it’s no wonder she’s changed so much. But please make up your damn mind and stick to it!
Oh and the whole ‘don’t use me for your machinations but I’m using you and you and you every time it’s convenient for me’? *throws hands up with a sigh* It really did remind me of the Katy Perry song: Hot N Cold.
Yes, I know they’re Dark Ones, and yes they have another agenda but good grief girl, you’re even worse!

Pacing & Flow:

Were great throughout. Who says conversations have to be boring when you’re talking to Rafe? 😉 Well… I sure as hell wouldn’t mind 😀 But then again, I’m not Lynher so he’ll probably eat me for breakfast *swoon*

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and all in all I’m not sure what to think of it atm, I really enjoyed it but there were parts that just… arrgghh… which makes me sad, cause it really was a good book!
Really curious what part 3 will bring to the table and how Lynher is going to fix the whole mess 🙂