Review – My Dark Beast


My Dark Beast


Wicked Retellings #1


Olivia Wildenstein


Paranormal Romance


Tarian Hadez—thirty-three, real estate mogul, mob lord, most eligible bachelor in New England, god. The god-part is an exaggeration. After all, if true deities existed, then the world would be a magical place, and it’s really not. At least, my world isn’t.
Calanthe Bloom. That’s me. Twenty-four, college graduate drowning in debt, true crime addict, florist by default, single by design. Although not living my best life, I’m enthusiastically pursuing it. Especially, in my dreams, which, since a recent flower-delivery snafu, all feature none other than lethally private Tarian.
Oh, the things he does to me when I sleep.
Wickedly surreal.
Except . . . are they?


4.5stars rating

OMG! This book was epic! Seriously, let’s just get that out there first.

I totally devoured it, living every twist and turn with Callie and Tarian. The whole idea behind the story was fantastic, and the characters? Amazing! I seriously need the next book ASAP.

Now, the only reason I rated it as 4.5* and not a perfect 5-star knockout is because, in my honest opinion, it could have been 150-200 pages shorter. There was a bit of a drag between the 30% and 60% mark (and I understand that it might have been necessary), but after that, it was pure magic, and I couldn’t put it down!

But seriously, the characters were so well-developed, the plot had twists and turns as you haven’t seen before (I got dizzy and just gave up on figuring it out and went with the flow), and the ending? A beautiful happily ever after that left me grinning. This book was freaking excellent.

Highly recommend! Don’t miss out!