Review – Moon Called

Moon Called book cover


Moon Called


Mercy Thompson #1


Patricia Briggs


Urban Fantasy


Mercedes Thompson, aka Mercy, is a talented Volkswagen mechanic living in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. She also happens to be a walker, a magical being with the power to shift into a coyote at will. Mercy’s next-door neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she’s fixing a bus for a vampire.

This is the world of Mercy Thompson, one that looks a lot like ours but is populated by those things that go bump in the night. And Mercy’s connection to those things is about to get her into some serious hot water…


5stars rating

Yessssssssss, I remember why I tagged this series as one of my favourites. Love it!
This was a re-read.


All scenes and environments were clear and well detailed, you could tell that the author really did pay attention to getting all the info across (about the world Mercy lives in) in a very smooth and unhurried way.

Character development:

All the characters at this point are still pretty mysterious 🙂
We know a fair bit about Mercy and her family. She isn’t a damsel in distress (by far) but she knows when she can’t do it on her own and needs help. It might sting a little, but she asks for it. I really like, I mean, it makes her feel real and believable. Add to that a good dose of humour and some strong values and voila, you’ve got to love Mercy!
Adam, the local Alpha (actually one of the strongest in NA) wants you to think he’s all badass and such, but his humour and little gestures make him more than just another Alpha male. But if he gets to goad Mercy, just so much more fun for him. We don’t know all that much about him or any of the werewolves really, but the few things we did pick up on, lets us know he has dealt with a lot in his past, with Jesse being one of the bright spots in it.
There are so many characters that I want to know more about, so I’m pretty lucky this is a long series 😉 (goooooooo Warren!!!)

Pacing & Flow:

It was a smooth and enjoyable read, I had a hard time putting it down.
The story had a good balance between all the action and conversation. If you’d think that the first book of this series was just setting the stage and not that much else, you’d quickly find out that is soooo not the case. It’s more like: throwing you in and have fun 😉

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is so sex described (if that is important to you).
This instalment has 289 pages, spread over 16 chapters.

Final Thoughts:

As I’m reading (and partially re-reading) this series together with my Goodreads group SOS (Serious Overload of Series), I kinda have to wait for the next book… I’m not sure if I’m that strong, to be honest 😀
But yeah, this book reminded me why I love this series so much, even from the first instalment you get a feeling for the depth the characters have (even the support cast) and Mercy is just someone you can only root for.