Review – Monsters Above


Monsters Above


The Creatures We Crave #3


R.L. Caulder


Reverse Harem


The fight for our lives is upon us. Running to a new realm that could hold vital information is our only chance. With that comes closing the distance between me and the godly powers that wish to use me for their own gain. What we need is time to uncover secrets and unlock the powers that reside within me, but that’s a commodity we aren’t granted. When the time comes to make our final stand, will I finally be able to let go of the doubt that’s been festering my entire life? Will hope be able to cast out the shadows lurking around my mind and soul? I have to believe that it will.


4stars rating

So bummed this is the last book! But what a way to end the series! (plus… multiple epilogues, yesssss)

Okay, let’s talk about the only thing I wasn’t fully happy with: Kylo, Elwin, and Lucian felt kinda sidelined. Of course, they’re very present in the story, but their awesome powers barely get used this time. They are these big scary monsters Alex wrote about in her stories, and we’ve seen them in action in the previous books, but then… poof!

Other than that, though, I loved everything else: the plot, the characters (both main and side), and the crossover with the other DIA series! Dark Imaginarium Academy is such a fantastic world. I can’t get enough of it!

Needless to say, R.L. Caulder has placed herself on my “must-read ASAP” list! I definitely recommend this series!