Review – Midnight Blues


Midnight Blues


The Veiled World Chronicles #2


L.J. Rivers & Embla Storm


Urban Fantasy


Camryn is dying for some action, and she just might.

While concerned about her long-lost father’s return to the periphery of her life, Cam is struggling to find her place in this new world. Her days have become more routine than she’d hoped, and she’s no closer to the answers she seeks. Flip side, she gets to swing punches and practice magic with the all too alluring empath Leon.

Her drab existence is abruptly disturbed when a coven goes missing. Placing her personal struggles on the back burner, Leon and Cam investigate.

She starts doubting everyone around her, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult knowing whom to trust. Part of her wants to confide in Leon, but when his past comes knocking, she can’t even do that. In the end, the only one she can trust is herself.

She wanted action, but now more lives are at stake. Including her own.


4stars rating

This instalment takes place about 3 months after the end of book 1. While Cam is learning, there is still so much she doesn’t know… yet. This book gave us a lot more info about the power structure in Berlin and the greater whole. As we did with the first book, we learn alongside Cam, we know what she knows, and that is (in my honest opinion) an excellent way to get all the information across without dumping everything on the reader at once.

Character development:

Cam isn’t protecting Petra anymore but is now, together with Leon, working for the head of the clan, Saga. As I’ve said before, there is still Cam doesn’t know about or still has to learn, which is difficult as she is the last shield anyone knows about, and as such, there isn’t really anyone who can teach her 🙁 That doesn’t mean she’s left all by herself. Saga arranges a mentor for her, Babette.
Cam has a difficult time in this instalment. Not only is she trying to find time for Stefan (her human boyfriend), but there is also Leon, our lovely empath and Noelle, his daughter.
Not gonna spoil anything, but I knew it! I freaking knew it!

Pacing & Flow:

This was really good, smooth from start to finish. It had a lot of action but still managed a great balance with all the conversations, keeping a nice rhythm throughout.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is no sex described (if that is important to you).
It has 340 pages, spread over 31 chapters and told from Cam’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, I think this is turning out to be an amazing series! Of course, there were some twists and turns, but the story is advancing nicely. I’m looking forward to the next instalment!