Review – Long Live the Soulless

Long Live the Soulless book cover


Long Live the Soulless


Dark Maji #5


Kel Carpenter & Lucinda Dark




She died protecting the man she loved. She died by his hands. And on that blood soaked grave, vengeance grew.
Quinn Darkova leads a listless existence in the dark realm. As honored guest and beloved by Mazzulah, she wants for nothing. But when Risk enters the realm to save her, the dark god can’t resist a good bargain.
Lazarus is not the man he once was. Consumed by his own grief, he’s a beast whose sole motivation in life is getting revenge on the man who took Quinn from him.
Fate isn’t done with either of them.
There’s still one game left to play.
Winner takes all, and no matter the victor, the Sirian continent will never be the same again.


5stars rating

I just don’t have any other words to describe the book, or rather, the whole series. One of the best I have read!

This final instalment brings it all together and holds you in its (very firm and terrifying) grip from start to finish. Pacing is high, a lot happens and I think I’m still riding the high of adrenaline 😀

But no, all kidding aside, this is such a great series for many reasons:


Was superb. We journeyed through different lands, some we had been to before while others were completely new. Every scene was detailed and clear as if you were standing next to Quinn herself, seeing what she was seeing.

Character development:

Again, superb! While Quinn was at the centre, every one of the group continued to learn, grow and be the best they could to win the war. They all felt so so real, with real issues, hopes and fears. While I didn’t like everyone as much (Dominicus could really use either a stiff drink or some time with Lorraine 😉 ) they were a tight-knit group that knew what had to be done and they were going to do it even if it killed them.

Pacing & Flow:

Were great, as I’ve said earlier, it’s a hell of a ride! 😀
A lot happens and it happens fast, but as the last book, we all know it has been building up towards this.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and omg.. why are you reading this review???!!! READ THE BOOK INSTEAD!
Honestly, and I like to think that I am always as honest as I can be when writing reviews, this series was truly amazing. It was dark, yes often even gruesome, but also sensual and tantalizing and I couldn’t get enough of it.
I really hope we will get some form of other series (or just a novella) that continues the story of some of the characters that we have come to know and love.

This series is one that I will surely recommend over and over again. Very well written and I loved every minute of it!