Review – Last Stand

last stand book cover


Last Stand


The Black Mage #4


Rachel E. Carter




He’s the Black Mage and she’s the traitor to the Crown.
Ryiah’s world was shattered the night she discovered King Blayne’s nefarious plans. Now, she has to betray the one she loves most in order to save the realm from war. Torn between love and duty, Ry finds herself on a perilous mission to help the rebels and convince the kingdom of Pythus not to honor its pact with the corrupt king of Jerar—all the while deceiving the most powerful mage in the realm, the very man sworn to protect the Crown and hunt the rebels at all costs: her husband.
She’s one step ahead, but sooner or later the curtain will fall.
Sooner or later, she’ll have to fight.


5stars rating

*slams book shut*
“When I open this again, I’d better not read what I thought I just did.”
This is kinda what happened… multiple times… so be warned!

I actually had to reread the last few chapters of the previous book because I had forgotten the details of what happened (just checked when I read book 3… wow, 3 years ago in December as well haha). But yeah, if it’s been a while, reread a bit, if not the whole series, trust me, it’s worth it!


This was great! We moved a lot during this instalment (like a lot), but the author created the scenes and environments flawlessly with as much detail as your brain needs to fully immerse yourself in the story and not wonder where the hell you are at that moment. The world and systems in place, such as the magic system or even politics (yes, honestly), were very well written! Keeping it interesting and giving the story so much more depth.

Character development:

Prepare for the feels… I mean… I cried, I took small breaks from reading because I was so pissed (but hey, my kitchen is spotless so yay!), I cried some more and nearly threw my Kindle against the wall.
Just… be prepared.

Ryiah and Darren, what a ride. I honestly didn’t expect this book to be so so much, but it was. I dare say nearly too much, but so worth it.
All the characters (well, except for Blayne and Mira, because… the hell?) grew even more in this final chapter of the series. We got to see different sides of them: love, hate, watch them torture, be tortured, escape, help escape, left for dead, die, be loyal to the crown, be a rebel,… we truly see it all.

Pacing & Flow:

You won’t want to read this book when you’re: a) working or b) planning on doing anything else until the book releases you from its clutches and with 452 pages that really isn’t so soon.
Great balance between all the action and conversation.

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is no sex described (if that is important to you).
It has 452 pages, 22 chapters and an epilogue.

Final Thoughts:

This book, this series, had it all. From the beginning to the very end you are enraptured by great worldbuilding, amazing characters (every character, even the side-characters have so much depth and feeling to them!) and you just want more… and more 🙂
The world the author created is huge, so I really hope we will read many more stories set in the different kingdoms.
I put off reading this last instalment because I didn’t want it to end. Nowhere in my wildest dreams could I have come up with what the author had planned though…
This series is truly one of my favourites and very recommended!