Review – Last Chance Witch

Last Chance Witch book cover


Last Chance Witch


Immortals of Talonswood #3


Alex Lidell


Reverse Harem


It’s a new regime at Talonswood Reform. It’s cold and it’s cruel. And it’s Asher’s.
After a violent attack leaves the academy in tatters, Asher is in charge of shaping up the place for inspection. And according to the stick-up-his-ass commander, everything that’s gone wrong here comes down to me. My power. My addictive connections with Ellis and Reese. And the tiny, fire-breathing dragon who won’t leave my side.
Asher is determined to make me an enemy, but he won’t make me a subordinate. I’ve never bowed down to power-drunk males before, and I refuse to now—no matter the punishment.
But even Asher himself can’t control what’s coming. A secret that could undo him. A brewing divide between fae and vampires. A centuries-old magic that ignites the air between us, no matter how much we hate each other.
And if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the magic always wins…


4stars rating

So where is book 4? Like, seriously… you can’t expect me to want to wait after that, right? I neeeeeeeeeeeed it!
Ahem… okay, onto the actual review:


Was good, we pretty much kept on campus that was pretty much destroyed after what happened at the end of the second instalment and had to be rebuild. Aaaaaaaaaaaand since Asher is Asher, that means the students get one very intensive daily workout (okay, more than one lol). But then again, they will be too exhausted to cause trouble… or so you’d think 😉 As always, scenes and environments were clear and detailed enough for your mind to get into the zone.

Character development:

Was good. That said, do you mind if I kicked some male ass? Seriously?! While the biggest shift so far was in the second book, in this one we dig a little deeper and it’s Asher’s time to feel the pain. Oh oh oh and Kitten… is absolutely the best!!! Please point me to the nearest location where I can get myself one, thank you very much. But yeah, characters are getting there, being well fleshed out and memorable, even if they go against their better judgement all because someone says so (*sigh*… men!!).

Pacing & Flow:

Were excellent! I love a book that just grabs my hand and then refuses to release me until I finished reading. It was early in the morning, I can tell you that 😀 Good balance between action and conversation.

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors and yes, there is sex described (if that is important to you).

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I really like where the story is going, the next (and unfortunately last book of the series) will be amazing! It was a very enjoyable read, even if I wanted to kick some ass in between 😉