Review – Last Chance Academy

Last Chance Academy book cover


Last Chance Academy


Immortals of Talonswood #1


Alex Lidell


Reverse Harem


Foster girl. Trash. That’s all I am to the world. And that’s fine. After surviving New Jersey’s foster system, I can survive anything. Even taking a dangerous job from a tall, gorgeous stranger so I can keep my little sister safe—a job that goes very, very wrong.
Suddenly I’m facing a brutal choice: a decade in jail or four years as a ward of Talonswood Reform Academy—a place with an all too perfect correction record. A place that makes bootcamp look like a spa.
But Talonswood and its cruel cadets are far more than they seem, and so are the four men who rule it. Ellis. Asher. Reese. Cassis. Powerful, impossibly beautiful men who ignite a wildfire inside me—and who will stop at nothing to make my life a living hell.
But it turns out I’m more than I seem, too. And I’m not going down without a fight.


4stars rating

I must admit, at first, I didn’t really get on board with the whole setup 🙁 But I trusted the author since I love her other books… and yes, I did come to enjoy reading it and at the end, I was even genuinely sad the next part wasn’t out yet.


Was good, there was just enough of info going around to get our bearings. We moved around a lot, getting a feel for the academy and the immediate surroundings.

Character development:

Was decent. I think my main issue is that Sam is taking it all pretty damn well. I mean, not only does she find out there is a whole supernatural world out there, she finds out she’s not the person she thought she was. She gets carted off to an academy, probably not seeing the person most important to her for a long while… This felt like a missed opportunity to get to know Sam more, get some insight into her past etc since even in the end we know very little about her 🙁
As for the men, I must admit, I’m not sold on Ellis. While the other men do seem to have some interesting potential, I’m curious how it will continue to evolve.

Pacing & Flow:

Were really good. Once you got started it pretty much got your undivided attention till the end (goodbye sleep lol). But yeah, good balance between all the action and conversations, which kept the story moving forward without too much hassle.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and all in all I liked it! While I know this is ‘another’ academy series, it’s an easy and enjoyable read from start to finish. Looking forward to the next instalment!