Review – Insurrection




Monarchs of Hell #1


R.L. Caulder


Reverse Harem


You’d think as the princess to the House of Death, that I would be looked at with respect. You would be wrong.
A reject—that’s the best way to describe how I’m treated. All because I’m a hybrid.
The Monarchs of Hell revere pure bloodlines and perfection above all else, and in their eyes…I’m a mutt.
Good thing Dear Old Dad, the Grim Reaper, has never once looked at me as anything other than his favorite child. Well, I’m his only child, but semantics.
Suddenly he has tasked me with the job of going to the Council Summit in his place. An event that happens once every century to determine which Royal House will be voted into the Supreme position.
A position people would kill for.
Why he thought the person they all regard as trash, is the right person to represent our House is beyond me, but I come to find myself grateful for this chance.
Because it allows me to meet them.
The princes of each of the other five Houses who make me feel like an equal for the first time in my life. They ignite a fire within me that I’ve never felt before and it scares me.
It’s the type of need that I’ve hoped to never feel due to that side of me… my Succubus side. Because what they don’t know is that I’m a fatal attraction.
A kiss with me is the kiss of death. Literally.
While attempting to convince myself and them that this can’t work, we’re thrown into a war between the six houses for control.
Who will survive in this game of deceit and seduction?


4stars rating

I love being surprised by a book… and this one did just that!
While it took some time to get going, it kept my attention without fail, and I read it in one sitting (who needs sleep anyway, right?). It just made me want to know what on earth, or rather, hell, was going to happen next.

Character development:

I really liked that the characters felt well-rounded and very alive. Of course, we don’t know much of the history of all the individual heirs, but it was enough for this instalment. That said, I’m sooooo looking forward to getting to know them better! The interactions and conversations felt great, and it just flowed really well.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, all in all, I really enjoyed this book and will be continuing the series!