Review – Immortal Inheritance


Immortal Inheritance


Blackstone Vampire Clan #1


L.A. McGinnis


Paranormal Romance


Constantine Darke was the altar I wanted to sin on—my darkest desires made flesh—a beautiful predator I’d make mine, no matter how many scars I have to endure.

I’ve always been a survivor—death, violence, cruelty—I’ve seen it all, and I’m still here.
But nothing prepared me for Constantine, King of the Blackstone Vampire Clan. Our history goes back a long time, five hundred years to be exact. Generations for me, a single lifetime for him.

As I’m drawn deeper into Con’s savage world of blood feuds and death curses, I feel more alive than ever, even though I’m in more danger than ever before. My enemies are no longer human. They’re faster than me, they’re stronger than me.
But they aren’t smarter.

And that will be their downfall.


3.5stars rating
Character development:

Logan has been on the run for a very, very long time. After nearly being killed by a vampire, she can’t stay anywhere long before he finds her again. The promise of a substantial inheritance leaves her with two choices, leave her new house and run again or stay for a while and fulfil the requirements of the will, get rich and be able to move somewhere where she will be safe.
The two men she met pull her in different directions, making her choice even harder. The lawyer Robert wants her to stay, while Constantine, the new king of the Blackstone clan, wants her gone yesterday. But, of course, it’s not that easy since Logan reminds them of their lost love.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into the characters, except for Robert. Logan is downright confusing, playing everything close to the chest while knowing two men can actually help her. She kicked a vampire’s ass (while not knowing that they even existed) and didn’t freak out even a little bit about how or why. Nope, she just runs.
Constantine, our brooding king, is just a tad too standoffish to really like so far. He goes from hot to cold in an instant, and I was like, nope, Robert all the way.

Pacing & Flow:

The pacing was okay, with moments a bit too slow. The flow, however, was good, and it read very easily. I read the book in one sitting, hoping the action would pick up some speed, but it wasn’t until the end that it got going.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors.
It has 345 pages, spread over 53 chapters and told from multiple points of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, it wasn’t a bad book. However, I think it just went a bit too slow for me. Also, I feel like the blurb is a bit misleading. It pretty much only talks about Constantine, while Robert is the one who is more present in this first instalment. That said, the premise is good, and the story itself is interesting, so I might still read the second book in the series.