Review – Ignite Me


Ignite Me


Immortal Vices and Virtues #7


Heather Renee


Paranormal Romance


I thought I knew what a bad day was. That was until my mate tried to kill me.

As a broken witch, I’ve grown up learning to do things the hard way, while doing my best to stay under the radar. I even thought I’d succeeded until Grayson Barrett shows up.
He accuses me of crimes I wouldn’t commit on my worst day and says it’s time for me to pay, but that’s not going to happen.
Turns out Grayson is my mate and, thanks to the magic that connects us, he can’t kill me. Not unless I accept his rejection and that’s not something I have any intention of doing.
At least not until I prove my innocence.

This was supposed to be an easy job. One where I took out a magic-crazed witch, got my reward, then went about my business. Except when I find my target, things get complicated quickly.
Kinsley isn’t just any mark. She’s my mate. One I don’t want.
Only the longer I’m with her, the more I realize that Kinsley might be telling the truth. That maybe I was lied to when I took this job because one thing I know for sure…my mate isn’t a witch.
She’s the shifter heir to a house that will sooner take her life than welcome her in.


4stars rating

I can’t believe we’re already on book 7! Love love loooove this world! 😀


Ohhhhhh… Guess what? We’re going back to Fire and Fluorite! Back to the House that is pretty much a loose cannon and a House in chaos. We’re moving around a lot in this instalment, but all scenes and environments were well-written and detailed enough to stay with the program.

Character development:

We meet some new characters (one whom we will for sure be seeing more of in a later book), and we meet some we have already seen in previous books. One, in particular, will be of interest and let me tell you, I felt a lot better about him after reading this book.
Aaaaaaaaaanyway, moving on to our main characters!
Kinsley is a broken witch. She has no magic and has been confined by her coven to their land for her protection since her mother left her behind. She has coped with it the only way she could, turning her body into a fighting machine. Kinsley can kick ass with the best of them, which she shows when Grayson, a brooding shifter turned assassin/hunter, turns up and tries to kill (or, well, kidnap) her.
(Un)fortunately for him, she is his mate, so yeah, there goes that plan 😀
Throw in Lia (a seer of some sort, aaaand nope, not going to spoil this big surprise either), et voila… recipe for a hell of a time. Which only gets better when Kinsley discovers why she doesn’t have any magic!
I really enjoyed the banter between the characters or when they opened up to each other about their past, risking getting hurt once more. The characters felt real and believable, were well fleshed out and, yeah, well written!

Pacing & Flow:

I read this in one session. The book had me in its claws, sometimes shaking my head at Lia’s antics or reading on the edge of my seat cause the situation got out of control. Really good balance between the action and conversation, moving the story forward smoothly.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and I thought it to be excellent! I’ve read some other books by the author, and I really like her writing style and the way she lets the story flow. Pick this one up peeps! 😉