Review – Hollywood Roommates


Hollywood Roommates



Elizabeth Briggs


Reverse Harem


Three sexy actors. One curvy English teacher. An impossible rule just begging to be broken…

When my boyfriend dumps me, I need a new place to live, fast. Luckily my best friend offers me a solution: move in with her brother and his two roommates in his Malibu beach house. Sounds good, right?
Except my new roommates turn out to be three of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Each one is gorgeous, rich, and famous—and they’re all off-limits because there’s only one house rule: no sleeping together.
They could have any woman in the world, but to my surprise they each want me. Soon there’s a new rule: whatever I do with one guy, I do with all of them.
There’s no way this can end well, but how am I supposed to choose just one of my sexy-as-sin roommates?
Unless I don’t have to choose…


3.5stars rating

While this book wasn’t super long or had very fleshed-out characters, I enjoyed reading it!
If you want a nice and cozy contemporary reverse harem romance between all the rest you are reading, this is the one to pick up!