Review – Her Elemental Mates


Her Elemental Mates



Serenity Rayne


Reverse Harem


Death is not destined to unite our species, but Fate is a fickle b!tch.
My parents’ marriage united the five elements by bringing a death walker to the throne. No wolf was able to contest their power with my mother at his side—especially after she gave birth to twins.
Ryker was destined to succeed my father as the King of the Spirit Wolves after the War Games, but a surprise orc attack leaves him unfit to rule.
Enter me, the discarded hybrid wolf with the touch of death in her veins.
A relaxing visit to the pack turns into a royal matchmaking tour, leaving me to watch as my quiet life turns into a political nightmare.
My father believes he’s securing the future of our wolves by elevating me to the throne, but there’s something he doesn’t know.
I am Death Incarnate, and I will destroy any threat to our people—even him.


2stars rating

A sad sad day…

This will be a very short review, as I’m unsure how to feel about this book. I’m going for either very sad or angry.


The premise is good, what happens in the book, the events etc… are good.
But it was rushed, so enormously rushed and all over the place 🙁
It started strong, and I insta bought it after reading the sample chapter, but it went downhill very quickly.

Character development:

It felt like we were on a rollercoaster: something terrible happened, but before the “omg, this is so bad” event was even done, it was over. With her OP power, Bella instantly had the upper hand, and it was on to the next.
There was no time to let it sink in, to let the characters feel… there was minimal worldbuilding, pretty much no character development… just nothing 🙁

Gradually it felt like Bella had a personality change, or the author continued after a long pause without reading the previous parts (water kingdom was a serious turning point for the worse).

Final Thoughts:

I wish it had been fleshed out a lot more (like, seriously, a lot) and a hell of a lot more editing. This could have easily been 2 or maybe even 3 books.
At this moment, I’m just happy I finished the book. I really wanted it to be good, it had the potential to be amazing, but no, just no 🙁