Review – Hell Kissed


Hell Kissed


The Rejected Realms #1


A.K. Koonce & Harper Wylde


Reverse Harem


I never expected my life to go up in literal hellfire.

The Dark Moon should be the best night of my life as a shifter. Instead, my sweet little house cat just combusted into flames in the middle of my bedroom, my tormenting alpha says he’s my mate, and three hellish men just blazed into my life like sinful gods.
It’s fine. Everything’s fine. No big deal.
Except rejecting the alpha who’s determined to make me his whore ends worse than I ever could have imagined…
With nowhere left to run, I’m forced to acknowledge the gorgeous existence of the three dark stalkers hunting me. They offer me something I can’t ignore: protection in the realm of Hell… as well as answers about my past.
My magic and my wolf grow stronger, fiercer, and deadlier in their presence. She settles right in with this murderous pack of misfits.
But I’ll never trust them.
Because the four of us together are like fire and gasoline.
And in the end, we’ll all go up in flames.


3.5stars rating

I liked this book. It was an easy read and entertaining.
Sure it has all the tropes we know, love or hate… but still, I liked the characters and the journey they are on. Rhys, Aric, Latham (my favourite) and Torben kept the story moving forward and enjoyable.
Will I read the rest of the series? Yep, I kinda want to know how they will get out of the cliffhanger, and I would like to learn more about the guys. So yeah, I’ll grab this series if I want something fast and entertaining.