Review – Hearth, Home, and Havoc

Hearth, Home, and Havoc book cover


Hearth, Home, and Havoc


Magical Romantic Comedies #2.5


R. J. Blain


Urban Fantasy


Dakota never intended to become the single mother of a goddess. To make matters worse, her daughter hadn’t quite figured out her role in the grand scheme of things.
Havoc isn’t supposed to be part of Hestia’s portfolio, but where the young goddess of the hearth and home goes, trouble surely follows.
When Dakota’s ex-husband barrels his way back into her life, a heavy dose of havoc is just what the doctor ordered. She just never expected to find love in the midst of murder.


5stars rating

This novella had me grinning so much I’m afraid I’m stuck looking like this 😉
It was funny in a, sometimes, dark and morbid way and I loved it!!

If you’re looking for a quick, pick-me-up read that won’t take much of your time? READ THIS ONE!