Review – Heart of Fire


Heart of Fire


Legends of the Storm #1


Bec McMaster


Paranormal Romance


The old eddas speak of dreki–fabled creatures who haunt the depths of Iceland’s volcanoes and steal away fair maidens.

Freyja wants none of such myths. Dreki seducing young ladies? Ha. They probably eat such foolish girls. But when the local dreki steals her last ram–costing her any chance of feeding her ill father through the winter–Freyja intends to confront the fearsome myth.

Sentenced to a life of exile from his clan, Rurik is fascinated by the furious woman who comes to claim her ram. She reeks of mysterious magic and challenges him at every step. He intends to claim the passionate firebrand, but to do so he must take mortal form. It’s the only time the dreki are vulnerable, and with a dragon-hunter arriving on the shores of Iceland, he can barely afford the risk–but lonely Freyja, with her elf-cursed eyes and pragmatic soul, tempts him in ways he’s never felt before. Is she the key to reclaiming his heritage? Or will she be his downfall?


4.5stars rating

This book was actually a very, very pleasant surprise and just what I needed. 4.5*
Interesting characters, good worldbuilding, and the lure to find out more about the dreki (and Freyja, of course!). So yeah, I will surely read the next installment 😀