Review – Haunt Me


Haunt Me


Immortal Vices and Virtues #3


Amanda Pillar


Paranormal Romance


Sabrina knew she was dying.

But she didn’t expect to be murdered.

And now, well, now she’s a ghost. If you’d asked her what she’d wanted out of life, being an invisible phantom living amongst a secret race of supernatural creatures would not be on that list.

Kieran Aspen is the world’s only fae-vampire hybrid and more than a little bit feral because of his dark origins. Tired of being a torturer, he’s now an ambassador on a mission: to uncover the secrets of a hidden clan of supes.

Little did he expect to find a ghost so alluring he would be willing to throw his whole life into chaos for her.

There’s just one small problem.

They need to find a way to bring her back to life.


4.5stars rating

I can’t rate this any less than 4.5*!
While we’ve got to know the world by now (this is the third book in the series), this was actually the first book I read by this particular author. As you can tell by my rating, I have a new author to stalk… ermm follow 😀 😀


Set in a world we know and love, this book isn’t about a particular House, but we see several. A new supernatural species has been discovered, and each of the Houses wants to have them for themselves. So they’ve sent ambassadors to try and persuade the phantoms to join their House.
When a murder is discovered, tensions rise, and Houses and phantoms need to work together to find out who is the killer before more end up dead.

Character development:

Sabrina isn’t fully human, yet she’s not fully supernatural either… at least not yet. But since she’s been murdered a year ago and didn’t move on, she became something in between, a ghost. Unable to interact with the world and not visible to her family, she has led a lonely life.
And then there is Kieran, a death fae and nephew of King Elias of Blood and Beryl. He’s the one you call when you want to collect information from someone the hard way.
With Kieran there as an ambassador of the House of Blood and Beryl, being the only one to see Sabrina, and with a mysterious murder to solve, the two pair up and get started.
Even though there is an instant attraction between them, Sabrina is a ghost, which, ermm.. well, makes things difficult, you know!?
Both have secrets and trust issues. Will they be able to trust each other enough to get through the trials ahead?

Pacing & Flow:

This was excellent! The story just grabs you and doesn’t let go until it’s done 😀 Great balance between all the action and the conversations.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, another excellent continuation of the series! It was something different, and I’m really happy to have discovered a new author 😀
This series is amazing just because while it is still one world, the writers each add their own flavour to the stories.