Review – For the Hell of It


For the Hell of It


Razing Hell #1


Cate Corvin


Reverse Harem


They broke my halo.
Burned my wings.
Sent me plummeting straight to Hell.

When I’m captured by demons and forced into the fighting pits of the Seventh Circle of Hell, I need to stay alive long enough to claw my way back to Heaven and destroy the archangels who betrayed me.
Four dangerous men stand between me and my vengeance.
A deadly Nephilim in self-imposed exile. Hunger incarnate, ravenous for an angel. The heir to Satan’s sinful throne. And the prince who bound my soul to his until I win my freedom.
They think I’m still pure. They think I’m innocent. They think they’ll enjoy corrupting me.
Joke’s on them. This angel’s no saint.
If Heaven doesn’t want me, I’ll be bad for the Hell of it.


4stars rating

To be honest, I really liked this book!
Melisande was human, raised an angel and fell to Hell.
It’s deliciously dark, and its heroine is strong but knows when she needs help (accepting it is a different story, though). The men are mysterious, interesting, and (very) swoon-worthy.
The characters feel real and believable (I really like Vyra!), the setting and worldbuilding ensured an excellent level of immersion, and the story had me engrossed from start to finish.
All in all, great start to the series, and I would recommend getting the sample chapters if you’re into angels/demons and reverse harem. Needless to say, I’ve got the next one queued up on my kindle and ready to go! 😉