Review – ECHO Academy

ECHO Academy cover


ECHO Academy


Dimension Drift #4


Christina Bauer




“Miss Meimi is indeed a transcendent,” says Father. “But we differ on a single point, son. SHE’S MINE.”
A Prince Of No Value

On planet Umbra, Thorne is known as the weak prince, extra brother and human-shaped punching bag for his father, Cole, Emperor of the Omniverse. Thorne never expected to find his transcendent soul mate. But when the prince connects with Meimi Archer, the human girl becomes Thorne’s transcendent and his world…
…until Cole decides to abduct her.
Now the prince of no value will do anything to protect what’s most precious. Meimi.
A Girl Geek With A Problem
Science prodigy Meimi Archer attends ECHO Academy, an elite high school located under Earth’s Boston Dome. That part is cool. Then she finds herself separated from her boyfriend, Thorne, due to a supposedly unbreakable exile void. Not okay.
Meimi pulls together a band of classmates and misfits. Her goal? Break through the exile void. Her problem? Headmaster Conway, the man who runs ECHO Academy. Conway wants to use Meimi’s exile void annihilator for an invasion of Umbra. Meh. Meimi’s not worried–she’ll take the Headmaster down while still reuniting with Thorne, easy peasy. Only trouble is, who’s that shadowy figure following Meimi everywhere? And why does it feel like Umbra may actually be invading Earth somehow?


3stars rating

As you all know (and I’ve written in my reviews of the previous instalments) I’m not a great sci-fi enthusiast but this series is more ‘alternate universe’ and slightly ‘dystopian’ than ‘spacey’, so who knows… if you’re looking for a clean and easy teen/early YA read, this series might be for you!

That said, I hate to admit it, but I didn’t like the book :'( (I’m sorry!!!)
It had a lot of potential, but I just didn’t feel it 🙁

Character development:

Character development was a tad lacking. I wish we would have gotten to know Meimi and Thorn (and, of course, the other characters) better. Instead, it felt like we quickly glossed over some thoughts and feelings and moved on to the next thing on the agenda. I mean, there were some big revelations going on, but our power couple just kept on going, taking everything in stride and moving on.
Swapping pov was, as always, a great touch, especially since Meimi and Thorne were both stuck on different sides of an exile void.

Pacing & Flow:

Pacing and flow were not good. It felt rushed and a tad chaotic from start to finish with very short, very fast-paced chapters.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and while I’m happy that the story arc seems to be finished for Meimi and Thorne, I’m sure more adventures are possible with the other brothers and their transcendents 🙂
Although I must admit, I’m not sure if I will read them, it just feels a tad too YA for me and I really really would have liked some more depth into the story.