Review – Demon Magic and a Martini

Demon Magic and a Martini book cover


Demon Magic and a Martini


The Guild Codex: Spellbound #4


Annette Marie


Urban Fantasy


When I first landed a bartending job at the local guild, I didn’t know a thing about magic. These days, I’m practically an expert on the different magical classes, but there’s one nobody ever talks about: Demonica.
Turns out they have a good reason for that. My guild is strictly hellion-free, because who wants to risk life and limb to control the biggest bullies on the mythic playground?
Well, some people do, and now a demon has been loosed in the city. My three best friends are determined to slay it, but even badass combat mages are critically out-magicked. And that’s not all. The monster they’re tracking—it’s not hiding. It’s not fleeing. It’s not leaving a trail of corpses everywhere it goes.
The demon is hunting too. And in a city full of mythics, it’s searching for deadlier prey.
If we can’t unravel the demon’s sinister motivations, more innocent people will die, but finding the answers means digging into dark secrets … and learning truths I never wanted to know.


5stars rating

Sigh, reading this series gives me such satisfaction, they are just so gooooooood! If I have to pinpoint what makes them special… apart from being urban fantasy, filled to the brim with different kinds of magic, hot men and a kick-ass heroine who won’t go down quietly? I guess I’d have to say the humour and the fact that is just suberbly written 🙂


We encountered a form of magic that we hadn’t seen much (or at all) before: Demonica. People able to summon and control demons. And what an introduction it was, it sure as hell spiced up things around the Crow and Hammer (in a pretty violent and deadly way).
As always, all scenes and environments were clear and well detailed. We knew where we were, what we were looking at and whom we were running away from (running through a crowd, is NOT easy!).

Character development:

Things get rough, in a very bad way 🙁 and Tori has some difficult decisions to make. She has grown a lot in the past instalments and being an official part of the Crow and Hammer fits her perfectly, but where does she go from there? Oh, and Sabrina’s tarot cards really love Tori haha.
Aaron, Kai and Ezra… I wish I had best friends like that *sigh*. Loved how we got a lot more insight into one of them and their bond with each other.
The interaction between them all is just so very well written!
Even with all the magic, all the characters in the book feel real and believable, okay, sometimes a bit over the top, but we all know at least one of those in real life 😀

Pacing & Flow:

From start to finish you are glued to the book, don’t even try to put it down. I read it in one go and it felt over in a heartbeat (without feeling rushed). Great balance between all the action and conversations. Strap yourselves in, it’s quite a ride!

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There was no sex described (if that is important to you).
The book is 314 pages long, spread over 24 chapters and told from Tori’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

I kinda already said it at the start, but the author’s books are just amazing. I thoroughly enjoy every one of them (yes yes, devoured is maybe a more appropriate word, I know). I cannot recommend these books enough!
Oh and as the series is already complete, I know which book is next and yay, we saw Robin!!! I just can’t wait to start on that one!