Review – Crave Me


Crave Me


Immortal Vices and Virtues #4


Lexi C. Foss


Paranormal Romance


Once upon a time, a series of portals opened on Earth, allowing magic to spill into the human world.
Houses were created. Supernaturals were assigned. And a new balance was formed.
All new arrivals are required to join a House.
But this is the tale of a Goddess who refused and the House King who brought her to heel.

Mistress of Night.
My newest obsession.
The daring female killed one of my men.
Which made it my job as the Gold and Garnet House King to make her pay.
Oh, there were so many things I wanted to do with that disobedient little mouth of hers. But she was much stronger than she led anyone to believe.
Now I’m left with a craving I can’t quite sate.
Because one bite wasn’t enough.
I’m coming for you, darling.
You may be the Queen of Vampires, but I’m still your King.
You will kneel.
You will beg.
And most importantly, you will bleed.

Welcome to the House of Gold and Garnet, where power defines the monarchy and blood is a preferred currency.
Proceed at your own risk.


4stars rating

Yes yes yes! Another book set in what is quickly becoming one of my favourite worlds!


This time we’re guests at Gold and Garnet, and yes, they are pretty trigger-happy people, to be honest, but they are known as assassins and bounty hunters, after all.
I loved that we had Kieran in there a few times (from the previous instalment – Haunt Me). The story continued very nicely from the events in that book.
I love the world these authors have created with all the different Houses. That said, I would like to see a map of where all the territories are, as they spoke of Gold and Garnet having pieces of Europe and Blood and Beryl being in the USA. For some reason, I had never thought of those distances before.

Character development:

Nyx, Goddess of Night, Mistress of the Moon. She is soooo awesome! I loved her from the start.
She’s on a whole other power level than the monarchs, but she doesn’t misuse her power, not even when everyone is trying to kill her instead of, you know… talk to her.
While she is as old as time, Nyx still has something akin to childlike wonder for things she discovers. She is also a very sensual woman, which is a perfect fit for Vesperus.
Our King of Gold and Garnet never thought he needed a fated mate or a mate at all. He has one priority, and that is taking care of his people.
I like that both keep their heads straight even through the mate bond. They are rational (well, most of the time) and consider everything.

Pacing & Flow:

I really liked the pacing and flow in this instalment. It was smooth sailing from start to finish. That said, it didn’t quite manage to seduce me and have me stay up and read through the night. Then again, that isn’t a bad thing, as my boss will want me to point out 😉

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, another very worthwhile book set in an amazing world. I haven’t read any of the Blood Alliance books, but they are now in my (giant) TBR pile, and I’m curious how they will be portrayed there.