Review – City of Thorns


City of Thorns


Demon Queen Trials #1


C.N. Crawford




I never thought I’d be singing happy birthday to myself in a dungeon. And yet when a sinfully sexy demon crashes happy hour, that’s exactly what happens. He’s known as the Lord of Chaos, he’s mistaken me for my succubus doppelgänger.
Happy birthday to me.
When he tastes my blood, he finally understands I’m mortal. And I realize we have something in common: we both crave revenge. So we make a deal: I can stay in the forbidden city to hunt for my mom’s killer. In return, I’ll help him get the vengeance he craves. I just have to pose as a sexy succubus. One problem–he’s my number one suspect.
And that’s increasingly hard to remember as he teaches me my role: seduction. With each heated touch I drift further into peril. And if I fall under his seductive spell, death awaits me.


5stars rating

Wow, this is (so far) the best book from the author for me. I pretty much loved it from beginning to end 😀 Pick this one up, you won’t regret it!


Rowan is pretty much obsessed with the City of Thorns, drawing the gate over and over and over again, desperate to get into the Academy so she can explore the city. Only when she meets Orion during a chance encounter does she have the opportunity to see the forbidden city, posing as a demon. Problem is though, if the other demons discover she’s human, she is dead. No pressure, right?
We get eased into the world, the author setting the stage expertly and without dumping all the information on us at once.
Scenes and environments are well described and clear, perfect for full immersion!

Character development:

Don’t we all have this dark and evil side? Well, if your answer was no, you’re missing out 😉
Rowan is an awesome character! We know a fair bit about her past, what she wants in life and her absolute fear of fire. She wants one thing and one thing only and will do anything to get it. Even make a deal with the Lord of Chaos. She has a great sense of humour and I just love her 😀
The broody, terrifying Lord of Chaos, Orion is a demon shrouded in mystery. He needs Rowan for information, on a quest for revenge and he will do anything to get it. See a theme here? 😉
All the characters are well fleshed out, not only Rowan and Orion, but the side characters have their own story to tell with their own motives, hopes and fears. As we have come to expect from the author the characters feel real and believable (yes yes demons and all that, but still!)

Pacing & Flow:

The book starts reasonably slow, but that is mainly for setting the stage so all is forgiven. That said, once it actually starts, it doesn’t stop! It grabs you in its greedy clutches and you’ll be reading it in one go. Who needs sleep anyway?!
Great balance between all the conversations and the action scenes.

The book itself:

The book is well written with no (noticeable) errors. There is sex described (if that is important to you).
The book is 306 pages long, spread over 38 chapters and told from Rowan’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and all in all I absolutely loved it! Now it’s a long long wait till the second instalment (*cry*). It had everything you want and need in a book, humour, great characters, spicy romance,… it made me soooo happy! Another series for my favourites list! 😀